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New year, new excuses

I’m going to talk shortly about January

I know it’s starting to be a cliché and there are made tons and tons of memes and jokes about it, but honestly,

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You know the common blah blah about entering a new year. New me, new stuff, new lover, good intentions, going to the gym and the ‘treat everyone like they’re
dying’ bullshit. Nonsense that often lasts only a week maximum as people start to crawl back into their old habits and start to treat everyone like they’re a piece of crap. Despite that, all we want to do every year is to make a good start because it just gives us a good feeling.

I’ve also been there, but found out it just doesn’t work for me. Throughout the years I learned that every new second in your life is a new start (#cliché), unless you’re
looking for an excuse to postpone it all. Why would one wait with their good intentions and the ‘new me’ until the end of the year if they are performable on the spot?

They secretly don’t want to do it at all. They want all the good stuff, but not quite enough to work the F out of their asses.
Result: poor outcomes

According to stunningmotivation, there are 6 key factors in life that drive people and neither January nor the new year are one of them. These factors, summed up as money, desire to be the best, helping others, power and fame, recognition and passion are kind of obvious and general. Some of these will drive you and others will not.
The important thing is to determine what’s driving you forward in life and can help you set meaningful goals.

The truth remains that these driving factors don’t have a starting date and therefore there is no need for you to wait until 01-01-20.. to start doing whatever you can do with your life.

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